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Know Your Traffic Signs

Know Your Traffic Signs

Know Your Traffic Signs book - 2023 edition


Essential reading for ALL road users - pedestrians, horse-riders, cyclists and motorcyclists, as well as learner and fully qualified drivers.


Know Your Traffic Signs, as well as The Official Highway Code and The Official DVSA Guide to Driving the essential skills, continue to provide the material for the questions in the driving theory test, and to be the most comprehensive sources of the information and knowledge needed to pass the practical driving test, and for a lifetime of safer driving.


This handy guide contains illustrations of, and explanations for, the majority of traffic signs that road users are likely to need to navigate on our roads.



  • A brief history of traffic signs suggesting the first use was by the Romans.
  • An explanation of the various traffic sign shapes, and also the different colours eg. white, green, blue, brown, black, yellow and red.
  • A comprehensive look at warning triangle signs, prohibition and instruction circle signs, and rectangle signs giving directions or information, and also the different types of pedestrian crossings.
  • Plus location specific signage for eg. roundabouts, roadworks, motorways and level crossings, and an explanation of the traffic light sequence.
  • There is also a comprehensive look at road markings and their various purposes eg. to show correct road positioning for vehicles, or restrictions for those wanting to stop or park.
  • Plus the markings that show areas for specific road users only eg. cyclists or buses, and an explanation of the meaning of the different colour road studs.


*please note - EVENT COLLECTION ONLY at the moment, delivery will be available soon! 

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